Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 Months at a Glance

I know it's been WAY too long since I've posted so here is yet ANOTHER few months compiled into one post.


School started for Evan...

and Austin!

We enjoyed playing Fall soccer.

Nathan and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary at the Air Show.

I went to Nebraska for the passing of my grandfather but got to see some family that I hadn't seen in years.

Austin...just being Austin.

Yes, all of that was in his pajama pants.

We got a hot tub!

Grandma Lyn took the kids to the pumpkin patch.

We had a great Halloween with lots of candy!
(In case you couldn't tell...Sponge Bob, Patrick, and a princess)

I guess even princesses can get in trouble...

What is that on her toes...

LINDSAY...I told you that mommy HAS to help paint toenails!

We had a great Thanksgiving here with family.

Lindsay was potty trained...
okay, only after I ironed on princess pictures on her underwear.

Here she managed to get ALL six on at the same time.

We drove to the mountains so we could actually sled before Christmas.

Evan did great in his "Food, Glorious Food" music concert.

We went to "Bass Pro Shop" to see Santa...

And yes, Santa came and we had a GREAT Christmas with all our family!

We are excited for 2011 and hope this year turns out to be as good as 2010!

Best wishes to you and your families!


Kemari Nielson said...

cute family! We have the exact same hot tub! this makes me miss Colorado!

maugers said...

Man your kids look like so much fun! I wish we lived closer... thanks for the update :)

Kathleen said...

wow! what a great fall! :)

Tam said...

What a good looking crew!!! I love at a glance posts - way less work!!!

Kari Clark said...

Your kids never cease to crack me up! Love the 6 pairs of underwear!

The Higginbothams said...

That family photo is really cute! Hopefully Lindsay didn't spill the nail polish on the carpet like Reese Haas did. I like that shot you got of Evan on the sled too. Funny, we had to go elsewhere for sledding this year too. We just weren't willing to wait that long.

Kristin Marshall Photographie said...

Cute Family!! They are all getting so big! We miss Colorado so much and hope to tell you soon that we are on our way back.......sooner than later at least!