Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lindsay Turns 3!!

I always thought I would have a house full of boys. Heavenly Father knew that our family needed a little girl! I can't imagine our lives without Lindsay!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

We celebrated with family. She came upstairs dressed as a princess to open her presents. Here she is with the skirt and shoes grandma and grandpa got her, the bubbles in the background given to her by her Aunt and Uncle Anderson, and the ring pop from the Gedge's. Of course, that wasn't all they gave. She was showered with way too much but, hey, I guess that's what little girls are for!

Thanks everyone!

Her new bike! She was riding it by herself after only a few attempts.

We went to take birthday pictures...of all 100 that I took, Evan (who was taking pictures with his DSi) got better ones than I did!

The pictures Evan got...

Our lives are full of drama, squealing, laughter, and love thanks to Lindsay!

We love you!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Action Packed!

Austin is 5 Years Old!...
or he will be on June 1, 2011

We have been blessed with the most sporty, silly, handsome, fun, and all around Awesome Austin! I can't believe how fast time flies.

We celebrated on Memorial Day with family but have a big day planned tomorrow full of Elitch Gardens and Krispy Kreme.

Track started
The boys are excited to out-run everyone else. We'll see how they do...

I can feel the breeze...

Sugar and spice and everything nice...

There is no doubt my little girl loves sugar. This is what happens when I'm not paying attention for a few minutes.

Yes...ALL my sprinkles are gone. The must have been one yummy piece of cake.


I guess good 'ole Colorado will never bore you. Hail in May...lots of hail!

Last Day of Preschool

Austin had a GREAT year this year at preschool. His teachers had nothing but good things to say (way to go Austin) and we got to go celebrate with him on the last day. They had a bouncy house and all sorts of fun activities.
Austin with his teachers...Ms. Jillian, Ms. Jill, Austin, Ms. Carmen.

I also went to Evan's end of school 2nd Grade picnic. We surprised him with some donuts. All the kids wanted to sit next to Evan and his family. I will be sad when the day actually comes that mom's won't be so cool when they visit at school.

2nd Grade Spelling Bee

Evan was able to make it into the spelling bee this year (even though he didn't want to...haha). Only 5 kids from each 2nd grade class participated. We were so proud of him!

(yes, he is a little teary eyed since he didn't exactly win)

What is this?

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the beautiful art work my daughter created on our wall. After 30 min of the magic eraser, I decided it was just easier to get the paint out. I guess it's finally our turn to have an "artist" in the house.

Easter 2011

Family photo shoot (this is probably the best picture we could manage to take). It just keeps getting harder and harder to get a decent shot.

The kids had fun dying eggs.

Lindsay with a cute smile...hard to catch that on camera. training wheels!

So I left to visit my sister in Utah for 2 days and I come back to find my son riding his bike with no training wheels.

My husband said that he helped him two times (he made it a few feet each time). Then Austin saw the neighbor kid zoom by (yes, he is smaller than Austin). Austin wasn't going to be shown up by a little kid. He took off and rode down the street and hasn't looked back since then. Crazy kid!

My little Niece

Ella Joy Anderson

The picture says it can you not love that face! Oh yeah, it was fun seeing you too Sacha. haha! You know I love you!

Denver Aquarium

I went with Austin to the Downtown Aquarium for a preschool field trip. It was a lot of fun!

Spring Break 2011

Here are a few highlights from our Spring Break Trip to Vegas. We (I guess I should say I) just wanted to go somewhere WARM for a few days. I got my wish...

Ahhh...the pool. I love sunshine and the smell of chlorine!

Family photo after our tour of the cactus garden

Lindsay didn't want to see cacti. She just wanted to eat chocolate!
The garden was outside the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory.

Children's Museum

Lindsay loved the shopping room. I guess they start young sometimes.

Taking a break in the kids craft room...

We all had fun trying out the Hurricane wind "room".

Hoover Dam

We walked on a bridge above the Hoover Dam. It was pretty neat.

St. George, Utah

On our way to Vegas we stopped in St. George and stayed with my grandma Dora. It was great . Before we left, we went on a hike and enjoyed seeing all the Indian carvings.

Lindsay posing in her new dress...

We took a family hike to "Rabbit Mountain." The boys did great...we may need to remember some sort of back pack for Lindsay. She kept sitting down in the middle of the trail on the way back to the car. I guess she had had enough.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Sink Loves Me!

I guess my sink was feeling left out with all the Valentine love going around at our house. It decided to send me a love message of it's own. All those days of doing dishes hasn't gone unnoticed...

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of LOVE!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 Months at a Glance

I know it's been WAY too long since I've posted so here is yet ANOTHER few months compiled into one post.


School started for Evan...

and Austin!

We enjoyed playing Fall soccer.

Nathan and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary at the Air Show.

I went to Nebraska for the passing of my grandfather but got to see some family that I hadn't seen in years.

Austin...just being Austin.

Yes, all of that was in his pajama pants.

We got a hot tub!

Grandma Lyn took the kids to the pumpkin patch.

We had a great Halloween with lots of candy!
(In case you couldn't tell...Sponge Bob, Patrick, and a princess)

I guess even princesses can get in trouble...

What is that on her toes...

LINDSAY...I told you that mommy HAS to help paint toenails!

We had a great Thanksgiving here with family.

Lindsay was potty trained...
okay, only after I ironed on princess pictures on her underwear.

Here she managed to get ALL six on at the same time.

We drove to the mountains so we could actually sled before Christmas.

Evan did great in his "Food, Glorious Food" music concert.

We went to "Bass Pro Shop" to see Santa...

And yes, Santa came and we had a GREAT Christmas with all our family!

We are excited for 2011 and hope this year turns out to be as good as 2010!

Best wishes to you and your families!