Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lindsay Turns 3!!

I always thought I would have a house full of boys. Heavenly Father knew that our family needed a little girl! I can't imagine our lives without Lindsay!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

We celebrated with family. She came upstairs dressed as a princess to open her presents. Here she is with the skirt and shoes grandma and grandpa got her, the bubbles in the background given to her by her Aunt and Uncle Anderson, and the ring pop from the Gedge's. Of course, that wasn't all they gave. She was showered with way too much but, hey, I guess that's what little girls are for!

Thanks everyone!

Her new bike! She was riding it by herself after only a few attempts.

We went to take birthday pictures...of all 100 that I took, Evan (who was taking pictures with his DSi) got better ones than I did!

The pictures Evan got...

Our lives are full of drama, squealing, laughter, and love thanks to Lindsay!

We love you!!


smasek said...

WE LOVE YOU LINDSAY!!! Thanks for letting us come and play with you on your day before birthday party! Love Love Love YOU!

Ann said...

so cute! :)